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Isilda School Services helps student’s access top international schools around the world. In addition, ISS provides accompanying services, including student assessment, personal statement analysis and counseling, and progress tracking. The goal of education consulting is to assist students and get them into a university that fits their profile and will serve them better in their educational endeavors.

ISS University Counselorshas a combine twenty-six years of educating consulting experience. They provide personalized admission counseling services to students of all ages wishing to study abroad in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe. ISS has a strong track record of honesty and integrity and has helped students gain access to many of the world's top schools. Our University Counselors has experience in providing educating consulting services to students from all over the world. Furthermore our Counselors have visited many of the universities where students often apply to attend. We have successfully consulted and gotten students into universities such as Princeton, Harvard, University of British Columbia, Toronto University, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, University of Cambridge, and the Imperial College London.

Students applying to schools with the help of ISS have a special advantage as the ISScounselors have made a mark of distinction known throughout the international academic community. Universities trust that we send them well-qualified students and therefore anticipate that future students we send will meet the school's expectations and ultimately enhance the school's community and prestige.

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The University Assistance Process

  1. You fill out a contact form
  2. ISS contact you
  3. ISS conduct an initial interview to assess your needs and potential.
  4. You send us all of the appropriate documents; i.e. high school transcript, copy of passport, personal statement, etc.
  5. ISS access your transcript and other documents and make recommendations for appropriate schools to guarantee your acceptance.
  6. ISS completes your universities applications and provides guidance with your personal statements.
  7. ISS will track each student's application throughout the process and give you constant updates on the progress of your applications.
  8. You receives your acceptance letter(s)
  9. You make a decision
  10. ISS and student reply to university of choice.
  11. You get your I 20 form for your F1 student visa.

    a. ISS set up your interview with the embassy (US, Australia, etc)

  12. You make a deposit to hold your seat
  13. You get your visa

Personal Statement Guidance

ISS provides guidance and editing of students' personal statements. We operate with honesty and integrity and do not provide pre-written student statements, nor do our consulting services materially alter students' personal statements. We do, however, review, guide, and make suggestions on how our clients can assemble a well-structured personal statement for application purposes.

School Visit Arrangement and Organization

ISS will liaise with schools, make arrangements for school visits, and provide travel support services for students or families wishing to visit schools abroad.

Accompaniment Service

ISS will send an experienced coordinator to accompany families or students on visits to schools overseas. The personal coordinator will act as an interpreter and take care of all logistical and practical aspects of travel including, flight and hotel bookings, itineraries, and arranging appointments with schools.

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